Welcome to Math Rehab

Hello, My Name is _______ and I am a recovering math-phobic

A space for humans who want to understand why

Dr. Alyssa J. Foss

© 1982

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Dr. Foss: What are you in for? Veteran Teacher (aka me): I think I messed up. Dr. Foss: You did. Now what? Part I: Excuses are like… well, you know. I have a confession. For too many years I allowed my white privilege and implicit biases to infiltrate my classroom and impact my students. Yes,…

A Math Fairy Tale

Dr. Foss: What are you in for today? Student: I have detention because I didn’t do my homework. Dr. Foss: Why didn’t you do your homework? Student: Because I didn’t understand it at school … how am I supposed to understand it at home by myself? Dr. Foss: You pose an excellent question. FYI: Fairy…

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