“I wish I was a baller” – also Skee-lo

If I didn’t do what I do I would write. So, why not do both?

Why Math Rehab?

  • Because we can do better.
  • Because I want need to start this conversation.
  • Because I have too many other things to talk about in therapy.

You may be interested in hearing what I have to say if:

  • You are open to other ________ (ideas, people, opinions…)
  • You were ever told “because I said so” or “you don’t need to know why”
  • You break a sweat when you have to “do math”.
  • You think you either ARE or ARE NOT a “math person”.
  • You are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, cousin…
  • You don’t understand “Common Core” of “New Math”.
  • You would rather _____ than help your child with math homework.
  • You have ever felt not good enough or not smart enough.
  • You are willing to change your mind.
  • You are a fan of awesome.
  • You don’t judge.

Hope you stick around. Stay tuned…


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