Pizza is a Triangle (and other lies we tell children)

Sorry to break it to you Will but pizza boxes aren’t squares, pizzas aren’t circles, and a slice of pizza is most definitely NOT a triangle. Did you like Geometry? You probably remember it as a subject in high school but did you know that geometric concepts begin at birth? Infants begin to notice shapesContinue reading “Pizza is a Triangle (and other lies we tell children)”

Session 3: Mars ain’t got no candy bars

Dr. Foss: What seems to be bothering you?  Female student: Well, I want to be a (fill in the blank with pretty much any profession) but I’m just no good at math.  Only 1 out of 4 people entering a math related field (think physics, computer science, engineering, etc..) are women (Cimpian, 2020). What’s upContinue reading “Session 3: Mars ain’t got no candy bars”

Session 2.5 Pump the Breaks Maverick

Dr. Foss: Welcome to Math Rehab, what seems to be the problem? Student: I can’t answer questions fast enough. Dr. Foss: Fast enough for who? For what? Student: Hmmm… I don’t know… One more thing about learning multiplication. No need for speed.  Somewhere along the line speed became synonymous with smart. Not in other subjectsContinue reading “Session 2.5 Pump the Breaks Maverick”

Session 2: Do you ‘know’ your times tables?

Dr. Foss: What are you in for? Parent/any teacher 4th grade and up: My child/student can’t memorize their times tables. QUICK! 7 x 8 = ? What just went through your head? Did you know the answer right away? If so, how? Did you “just know it” or did you have to do some typeContinue reading “Session 2: Do you ‘know’ your times tables?”